2021 Print Design Scholarship Winner

About Our Scholarship: Over the last several months, Thomas Group Printing has been accepting applications for our inaugural print design scholarship, a $1,500 award we’ll give annually to a promising design student. In order to apply, students sent us a project they felt exemplified their best print design work and wrote an essay on the topic […]

What’s the Difference Between Large Format Prints and Digital C Prints?

Digital C Prints

When Just Hitting the “Print” Button Won’t Do You’ve got a project that needs to look good. While doing simple printing from your home or office is easy and saves money, it has severe limitations in the types of printing it can do and the end result doesn’t always look as clean and crisp as […]

Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

Thomas Group Printing Digital Print

Choosing Digital Print Although the printing process may seem simple, there are actually many types of print processes that can be used for a project depending on the type of results you want to achieve with your project. Many people use digital printing for its simpler setup and faster turnaround time, but as with all […]

2020 Design Scholarship Winner & Runners-Up

Print Design Scholarship Submission - The Traveler 2020 Art

About Our Scholarship: Since we awarded our last scholarship recipient in 2019, Thomas Group Printing has been accepting applications for our annual print design scholarship, a $1,500 award given to a promising design student. In order to apply, students sent us a project they felt exemplified their best print design work and wrote an essay on the […]

What is Foil Printing/Stamping and Why Use It?

Foil stamping for print

Understanding Foil Printing Foil printing can make the difference between an ordinary project and a professional-looking, creative asset for your brand or company. Foil printing, also known as foil stamping or hot foil stamping, is a process that adds class and sophistication to multiple types of projects. This specialty printing process uses heat, pressure, and  foil […]

Four Color Process Vs Spot Printing

Why Choose Four Color Process Printing? If your project requires color, then it will most likely either require a four color or spot printing process. As the name implies, four color printing utilizes four colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – that are applied in different concentrations on the paper. This is also known […]

Why Choose Print

why chose print for your project - magazine printing

What is Print Media? In today’s technological revolution, it seems like everything – from ads to books and everything in between – is now online. But what about print? Print media, also known as print-based media, is commonly recognized as written or pictorial communication that is produced mechanically or electronically. Printing, photocopying, and digital machinery […]

Professional Printing and the Environment

Recycled paper for print

Eco-Friendly Printing Choices There has been an increased focus on climate change and the environment as global warming continues to be an important topic for many customers. As more people push for the country to make better environmental choices, professional printing often comes into the spotlight as a potentially wasteful industry. It’s a common misconception […]

How Coating and Finishing Can Enhance a Print Job

Stylish woman looking at printed material.

What are the Different Types of Coating/Finishing and Why Use Them When it comes to all the details of your print job, it can be easy to overlook coating and finishing options. Do you want your project to have a glossy appearance or more of a refined sheen? Although coating and finishing may sound the […]

Different Types of Paper and Their Effect on Print Jobs

Brochure printing NYC done by Thomas Group Printing, a digital printing nyc company

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Paper While most of the paper we deal with on an everyday basis seems straightforward, paper types are much more complicated and important during professional print jobs. Did you know that the color of your project, how long it takes for your project to dry after printing, how […]