How Coating and Finishing Can Enhance a Print Job

What are the Different Types of Coating/Finishing and Why Use Them When it comes to all the details of your print job, it can be easy to overlook coating and finishing options. Do you want your project to have a glossy appearance or more of a refined sheen? Although...

How to Export A File in Single Pages

When designers create a magazine, booklet or catalog, they often create their document in spreads, where one page is designed alongside the page it will appear next when the finished document is opened like a book. However, when sending a print-ready file to your...

2019 Design Scholarship Winner & Runners-Up

About Our Scholarship: Over the last several months, Thomas Group Printing has been accepting applications for our inaugural print design scholarship, a $1,500 award we’ll give annually to a promising design student. In order to apply, students sent us a project they...

Types of Document Binding: How to Choose

When you're printing or producing any kind of book, booklet, magazine, catalog, zine, or other publication, at some point, the question will have to be decided: How will you bind your book or project? There are many options out there, and not all types of binding are...

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