Staying top-of-mind is important to any business, and having customized gifts such as branded notepads can not only help you achieve more brand visibility but also keep your company colors, logo, and name fresh in people’s minds. We live and work in a fast-paced culture, and notepads are something we all use every day to keep track of meetings, notes, and other important reminders.

Notepad Printing

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NYC Notepad Printing and Memo Pad Printing

If you’re ready to get your brand in front of more people, printed notepads or memo pads are a great way to be seen every single day with a professional-looking gift that’s also functional. We have multiple styles of notebook printing to choose from ranging from basic to high-end memo pads that truly make a statement for your brand.

Linen Notepads

A notepad may seem like just a notepad, but the type of paper stock you choose can add a subtle creative flare to your customized notepads. Linen stock is an option for notepad printing and adds a vintage look. Ask us about painting around the edges of the notepads for a striking pop of color.

To get the best quality out of your notepads, we recommend using 60 lb offset paper, a text weight paper that has an uncoated finish. This makes the paper ideal for writing or drawing.

Premium Notepads

Printed on premium stationery paper, premium notepads offer the same professional look and customizable options as linen notepads. Edging, or painting around the edges of the notepad, is also possible with this paper stock.

Customized Printed Notepads

When it comes to creating a gift that’s going to stand out from what everyone else is handing out, there are multiple options to take your notepads to the next level including:

  • Printing in color on one side or two sides
  • Notepads can be printed in any size
  • Notepad sheets can be printed with adhesive, similar to a sticky note
  • Notepads can be printed on any paper you prefer, but we’ll work with you to make sure your company is putting its best product forward
  • You can customize your notepad with special finishes like foil stamping or thermography (raised lettering).

Why Choose Thomas Group for Notepad Printing?

We’re proudly a fourth-generation family-owned and run professional NYC printing company with extensive experience in all phases of the printing process. Whatever your company needs to communicate, we offer a broad range of sheetfed, web and digital print capabilities, and our state-of-the-art technology is able to meet your printing needs with a wide range of products and services. Since 1912, we’ve understood the importance of print and what it means to a business to have their creative visions turn out perfectly.

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We’re a family-run NYC printing company since 1912.

Glen working on a printing project

Thomas Group Printing NYC is a full service, commercial printing company with extensive experience in all phases of the printing process. We provide our clients with a broad range of sheetfed, web and digital print capabilities. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to assist you with a wide range of products and services.

Since 1912, we’ve served some of New York’s largest and most innovative companies with quality commercial printing services. We’re proudly a fourth-generation family owned and operated company, so we know what it takes to earn and keep your business.


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