Buckslips are small, unfolded printed promotional materials which are often used in direct mail campaigns or as a separate, attention-getting supplemental insert that can be included between the folds of a catalog or within a letter. Buckslips are a favorite of our clients looking to enhance their direct mail campaigns or promote their brands through the use of custom stationery. Buckslips are also a cost-effective solution for printing supplemental information for inclusion in larger works. 

Buckslip Printing

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Custom Buckslip Printing

Also known as buck inserts or buck sheets, buckslips give our clients the option of printing on one or two sides. Since buckslips are typically sized to fit inside of a standard business envelope, they’re perfect for advertising inserts and correspondence needs. While our standard buckslips range from 3”x5” to 4”x9”, we also quote and print custom dimensions to match whatever design specs you can imagine.

Buckslips can be basic and economic in nature or more ornate and design-heavy depending on your needs. Thomas Group’s foil stamping and embossing services, for instance, can be used to create more visually striking buckslips.

Buckslip Printing Methods

Thomas Group Printing is able to offer many different printing and finishing methods for your custom printed buckslips project:

Digital buckslip printing: We typically run small quantity buckslip printing jobs on a digital press, which is the most cost-effective method for runs under 500 pieces. Digital printing offers excellent quality and provides the ability for interesting customizations, like variable data printing, a process in which different information is printed on each piece of paper based on a source file like a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if you’re hoping to offer some sort of personalization or print addresses on your buckslips. With digital printing, you can print front and back, full color or black and white.

Offset buckslip printing: If you’re looking to do a large run of 500+ pieces, we sometimes opt to run jobs on an offset press, which is a more economical option for large printing runs. Both digital and offset printing offer excellent print quality.

Buckslip Finishing Methods:

If you’re looking for a design that really stands out, Thomas Group Printing offers a number of custom finishing options ranging from standard to unique and luxurious:

Full bleed buckslips: We’re able to print buckslips in full bleed, where the paper is trimmed to size so that the printed color or design extends all the way to the edge for a professional look.

Die cutting: If your project requires a custom-cut shape, we’re able to offer die cutting services to trim your buckslips to any shape you can design and imagine.

Embossing/debossing: If you’re looking to do something high-end and special, we offer embossing and debossing finishing options to create a raised or depressed area on the paper, which adds texture and draws attention to important design options.

Foil printing: To add a truly luxurious touch, we offer foil printing to add gold, silver or colored foil to sections of your job.

If you can design it, we can print it, so let your imagination run wild to create a printed product that’s truly impressive!

How to Use Buckslips

Buckslips are a great way to convey direct physical messaging to a target audience. Roughly the size of a dollar, buckslips are often used in direct mail campaigns and as inserts within larger printed works, like magazines or books, offering up supplemental information.

A cost-effective and impressive way to meet your basic stationery needs, buckslips are customizable for either business or personal use. If you plan to use buckslips for stationery, we recommend designs that contain very simple and straightforward visual information, such as a name and/or corporate branding, so that plenty of room remains for handwritten notes and memos.

You may be familiar with buckslips from direct mail – things like coupons or advertising for events and promotions are often sent to target audiences via standard post. Buckslips can come stuffed inside of an envelope or inserted into a magazine or brochure. When used for marketing and promotional purposes, buckslips range from economic designs and materials, to more luxe and eye-catching options depending on the intended audience.

Because buckslips are easily inserted into other texts, they allow for supplemental information to be provided without reprinting an existing text. They can also provide added layers of information and visual interest as a part of a larger design plan. Regularly used for inserts in books, magazines, and in larger printed volumes, buckslips printed for supplemental purposes can range from visually oriented designs to more text-heavy approaches.

When designing buckslips, keep in mind your audience, goals, and budget. It is also advisable to include a bleed for any full-image designs.

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