From art show to trade show, custom prints and posters enable Thomas Group’s clients to grab attention and wow the competition. At our Manhattan, NYC print shop, we can produce large or wide format posters using cutting-edge large format printers. Unusual or oversize dimensions are no problem, and neither are custom specifications. We always focus on providing the best possible quality for each print run, and the best customer service during the process.

Poster Printing

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Custom Poster Printing Right Here in NYC

Poster Printing Options

Whether you need art prints for a gallery, concert posters for a gig, or marketing bus shelter posters promoting your event, there is a custom combination of materials, inks, and finishings that will make your project stand out.

Common poster materials include semigloss, photogloss and uncoated papers. Size options for poster printing can range from small letter-size designs all the way up to our maximum large-format dimensions, which are 5 feet by 10 feet.

We can produce an eye-catching, colorful poster of any size for jobs like event signage, store promotions, corporate messaging, trade shows and charity benefits. Other kinds of posters might include educational or research posters, courtroom signage, or exhibition promotion.
Our array of digital presses and printers gives you color options, too, from black-and-white through full color, including striking one-color or two-color designs.

Available Poster Sizes

With a wide range of digital, large format and offset presses, Thomas Group Printing is available to print nearly any poster size you can dream up. To help designers conceptualize how different poster sizes look in relation to one another, we’ve created a helpful blog post that displays images of several common poster sizes in relation to one another. Explore the Ultimate Guide to Common Poster Sizes and Dimensions.

A model standing next to a wall displaying all common poster sizes side by side for scale. From smallest to largest, the displayed posters include: Letter Size Poster at 8.5 x 11 inches or A4, Bulletin Poster at 11 x 17 inches or A3, Photo Poster at 16 x 20 inches or A2, Medium Poster at 18 x 24 inches or B2, Large Poster at 24 x 36 inches or A1, Movie Poster at 27 x 40 inches or B1, and Bus Stop Poster at 40 x 60 inches or B0. This provides a visual comparison of all poster sizes in their respective dimensions.

Custom Size Poster Printing

Expand your creative horizons with custom-sized posters from Thomas Group Printing. Tailor your designs without constraints and bring your unique visions to life. Whether you need a specific size for a special event or a unique promotional campaign, we’re here to print your dream poster.

Bus Shelter Poster Printing

Our bus shelter poster printing services are designed to catch the eye of pedestrians and commuters alike. Perfect for outdoor advertising in high traffic areas, these posters are printed on durable materials and laminated to withstand the elements – so your message stands out, rain or shine.

Whether it’s for promoting events, products, or services, our bus shelter posters are an effective tool for increasing visibility and engagement in bustling urban settings. Let us help you create compelling outdoor advertisements that resonate with your audience.

Bus stop poster
Movie Poster Printing

Our movie poster printing services are printed on high-quality materials to captivate film enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Perfect for promoting upcoming releases or celebrating beloved classics, our movie posters are crafted with durability in mind, so they withstand the test of time.

Whether you’re a film studio, theater, or passionate collector, our movie poster printing services offer a powerful platform for showcasing your cinematic masterpieces. Let us partner with you to create quality movie posters that elevate the magic of cinema and resonate with audiences far and wide.

Thomas Group Printing Poster

Post-Press Options

Some posters need additional services like mounting and laminating. For outdoor use or when you need something sturdy and reusable, we can mount posters on foam board, which is good for small and medium posters, or Gator board, a tough substrate material that can support larger posters mounted on walls or displayed on easels.

Lamination is a great choice if your poster is meant to be displayed for a long period of time, or if it’s going to be moved to different places. It consists of a protective laminate coating over the poster, with the choice of glossy, satin or matte finishes to protect and preserve your design.

Thomas Group Printing Poster

Questions About Poster Printing?

Our production team will be happy to discuss which of our many options best suit your project. We’ve been printing in NYC since 1912, and as a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company, we are proud to give our customers individualized service they can rely on.

Whether you’d like to know more about mounting and display options, or the printing processes we use to give you the highest quality posters available in NYC, we’re available to talk with you.

What’s more, if you decide or discover you need some beautiful posters in a hurry, we have a faster turnaround than most printing companies thanks to our Manhattan location. For our NYC customers, we offer courier delivery anywhere in the five city boroughs to get your order into your hands as fast as possible. If you’re outside the city, we also have fast shipping options.

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