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Digital Printing

Digital printing offers our customers fast, high-quality results for all kinds of projects. In comparison to traditional offset printing, digital presses make it possible to create smaller print runs, and can produce jobs with more speed. We can quickly deliver all kinds of high-quality projects for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations with our digital printing capabilities. Thomas Group Printing serves customers locally in New York City, and nationally online, with convenient delivery and shipping options.

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Print Any Quantity Quickly & Cost Effectively With Digital Printing

We use state-of-the-art digital presses including an HP Indigo and Xerox 700 to handle a wide variety of projects. Digital printing is a flexible, creative medium that allows our clients to customize brochures, magazines, business or conference materials, reports, posters, art and look books — any project that can benefit from a quick turnaround or is suited for a small print run is ideal for digital printing. Our cutting-edge digital print technology also makes it possible for NYC clients to have rush printing done for many projects, so your files can be printed and in your hands as quickly as possible.


In the fast-paced business world of NYC, the quick turnaround time offered by digital printing methods is also something many of our clients find valuable. It can make a big difference for customers in a rush to have that big presentation ready or to get those reports printed on a deadline. We understand that running your business often means tight deadlines, and we’re happy to help meet them for you. 


Digital printing offers our customers:

  • Speed
  • High quality
  • Any size of print run
  • Reprints on demand
  • Actual samples of their files

Digital printing also makes proofing fast and easy, allowing you to see an exact version of your project before we print the whole run. Today’s digital presses offer lossless quality and direct transmission to the press system, so your designs are printed in every detail and at high resolution.


Cost-Effective Digital Printing in NYC

Small print runs don’t have to be wildly expensive when you use digital printing, because there’s no time-consuming press setup. Digital printing allows us to print as few or as many items as you like. There’s no quality loss compared to traditional printing, either. Because the image, text or design goes straight to the digital press, nothing is lost in transfer, and quality remains high. We can print small jobs of 50-100 copies or run thousands of them, with the same quality on each page. 


Short Run Printing

Short run printing is perfect for digital presses, because small runs of printed products can be done with excellent quality. You can order just a few dozen or a few hundred copies of an item, reducing waste and tailoring your order to only what’s needed. Plus, additional copies are easy to reprint from our files when and if you need more. Most NYC businesses have repeated, yet varying printing needs, and short run digital printing can meet those needs best. There’s no reason to waste time and money on stockpiling extra printed products, which may become obsolete within the year, when you can simply make changes for the new quarter or season and re-order whatever documents or items you need next.


Large Format Printing

Another advantage of digital printing is the ability to print in large or wide formats. If you need a quick turnaround on large graphic projects like banners, backdrops, art pieces and posters, our digital presses are the way to go. They’re able to print on a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, vinyl, plastic and all kinds of papers, and go up to ten feet in length and width. Even larger projects can be completed in several pieces, like step-and-repeat backdrops. 



Examples of Our Digital Printing Work: 

An example of booklet printing in NYC by thomas group printing

Saddle Stitched Booklet

A saddle stitched booklet we completed with digital printing


A digitally-printed saddle stitched booklet example of digital printing in nyc

Saddle Stitched Booklet

A digitally-printed saddle stitched booklet done for Teresita Fernandez


A digitally printed booklet by Thomas Group Printing in NYC

Wire-O Booklet

A digitially-printed booklet completed for Visual Opinion


A digitally printed invitation by Thomas Group Printing


A digitally-printed invitation we completed for Philip Taaffee


Customizable Digital Printing

One of the things digital print technology lets us do better than traditional offset printing is creating variable data in printed materials. Variable data refers to the ability to change the data or information on multiple pieces of printed material. The classic example would be personalizing each magazine or advertisement in a print run with individual addresses from a mailing list, but variable data can do more than that, too. 

It allows our clients to personalize content and messages for their own customers, target different demographics with different products, and do it all with quick, easy digital printing that takes the labor out of such a project and keeps things cost-effective. Whether you’re customizing your products for direct mailing or for fundraising, we can help make your  marketing efforts succeed.


Contact Us

Thomas Group Printing puts our customers first, and that means we’re here to answer any questions you have about our digital printing abilities or processes, and help you get your print job done as quickly as possible. We offer fast turnarounds on projects both inside and outside our NYC base, and can either deliver your finished product by courier anywhere in NYC, or through nationwide shipping.

We welcome customers to get in touch with any questions about digital printing or to find out how we can help with your particular project.

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