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Why Choose Print

What is Print Media?

In today’s technological revolution, it seems like everything – from ads to books and everything in between – is now online. But what about print? Print media, also known as print-based media, is commonly recognized as written or pictorial communication that is produced mechanically or electronically. Printing, photocopying, and digital machinery are most often used to create print media depending on the type of project, and there are a number of types of print media that can be created with modern print technology.

There are many naysayers that claim that print media is no longer effective in communicating with modern customers, but current research shows that customers actually trust print advertisements 34 percent more often than they trust online ads. Weighing the pros and cons of print media can help you take your next ad campaign to the next level.

Pros and Cons of Print Media

Print is often underestimated, but there are multiple ways where print still shines:

  • Print gives people permission to unplug. With more and more ads bombarding people on search engines and social media, people are choosing to disconnect from screens and engage in print media instead.
  • Print is a traditional advertising method that’s coming back. Print cuts through the white noise of digital ads and gives current and potential customers something tangible to hold, feel, and read, which is an experience that now stands out from the norm.
  • Print is uniquely you. Online media does not offer the bold colors, shine, sparkle, or tangible elements that can help companies define themselves in a competitive world.

On the other hand, choosing print media can also have some drawbacks:

  • More planning. Developing an online design and concept into a print ad can take more time to set up, print, and distribute.
  • Potentially more expensive. Print can also be more costly depending on the project type and volume.
  • Clear communication. From setup to finishing, print ads require clear and consistent communication with the printer and the right amount of lead time to allow the printer to create the best results.

These extra steps can deter businesses from going through with print projects, but the end result of a successful print campaign can be well worth the time it takes to do correctly

Types of Print Media

Traditionally, print media has consisted of newspapers and magazines but has now expanded to include smaller projects such as invitations, business cards, and presentation folders to larger works including books, reports, and journals. The right type of print media with the right type of design and printing method can engage and impress current and potential customers.

If your current project plan isn’t included in this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Consulting a professional printer can help you not only get your project off the ground but also bring expertise and industry knowledge to every detail along the way.

Print is Still Alive

Despite what the naysayers claim, print is still very much alive and well, and there is room for print campaigns in your marketing plan. Pairing print with digital ads can set your business up for long-term success and help you set yourself apart amongst your competitors.

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