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What’s the Difference Between Large Format Prints and Digital C Prints?

When Just Hitting the “Print” Button Won’t Do

You’ve got a project that needs to look good. While doing simple printing from your home or office is easy and saves money, it has severe limitations in the types of printing it can do and the end result doesn’t always look as clean and crisp as it could be. This is where professional printing companies come in.

Investing in a seasoned printer can not only help your company look its best on paper, but it can also take your marketing and advertising projects to the next level. When you need to wow your audience with a photo or a large image, large format printing or digital C prints are both advanced techniques that yield impressive end results, and knowing the differences between the two can help you better communicate with your printer during the planning process.

What is Large Format Printing?

As the name suggests, large format printing is used for projects that are too big to be created on commercial printers. Large format printing is also known as wide-format printing or grand-format printing, and it requires custom equipment to be able to produce prints that are outside of the normal range of dimensions.

There can be some discrepancy between what “large format” means between one printer and another since maximum print sizes can vary, but in general, large format printing is typically used for projects such as:

  • Large wall calendars
  • Window displays
  • Standees
  • Horizontal or vertical banners
  • Wall or window posters
  • Store displays
  • Promotional signs

What are Digital C Prints?

Even though photographs look pretty good when you print them at home, having them professionally printed can add more detail and color. In order to get the best results from photographs, many also opt to develop them the old-fashioned way in a dark room using chemicals. But using digital C prints can often give you the same exceptional results without the complicated development process.

What sets digital C prints apart from other photo printing processes is the advanced technology. With digital C printing, a computer does the work of a dark room, exposing the image using LED lights or lasers. Digital C printing also offers versatile paper options, allowing you to give your photography a creative flare.

Digital C printing is often used when photographers want to sell or display their work, or even just bring out all of the details that wouldn’t be possible with conventional printing. This technique can also be used to create custom backdrops for professional events.

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